Monday, January 30, 2012

Scarves are on the way up! (at least for me)

Like most knitters, I began by knitting scarves. My first substantial project was a garter stitch scarf for my boyfriend which took me about a month to knit and which he proceeded to lose about a month after I made it for him. I think that, because they were the first project that I was able to knit, they were associated in my mind with long, tedious bouts of knitting and thus became very unpalatable.

Recently, though, I started becoming aware of some very cool scarf patterns. And I started remembering that one of the main reasons that I began knitting was, not to knit sweaters, because that seemed inconceivable, but to knit scarves. I loved scarves in high school, but could never find any I liked. The only ones I liked were the ones my friends knitted or crocheted. So, here are the fruits of my recent thoughts on the subject...


This is a lovely pattern by Gudrun Johnston, who, incidentally, is one of my all-time favorite designers. Her patterns are always so carefully thought-out and have gorgeous little details that make everything come together beautifully. The I-cord edging on this scarf is a case in point. It makes the scarf look wonderfully polished, yet is very simple to do. This was a stash-buster for me, so I was very pleased.

And now I am working on yet another Brooklyn Tweed pattern, this one by Leila Raabe:
It's in Loft, in a lovely shade of dark green (the color Artifact), which my camera sadly failed to capture. This is a very special pattern. The lace is patterned on both sides, which I thought would be a horrible bother. But, of course, I've gotten used to it and now really enjoy working on it.

So, I think scarves are going to be a definite presence in my knitting this year! Good thing, too, because if I end up moving to the East Coast over the summer like I'm hoping, I'm going to need them!

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