Sunday, April 15, 2012

hi everybody!

I'm back! I've been having camera issues lately, but just received a new one this week, and, boy, do I have stuff to show you! First things first, here are my finished Burnhams:
And here are the fronts:
 It's a delightful pattern. I'm sure I'll wear them to death when I move to Boston. Oh, that's right - I'm moving somewhere cold! Yay! I got accepted to a PhD program in English at Boston University and will be moving there in August. I actually knitted these for my first trip out there, but of course it was eighty-five degrees when I went and they were not needed. I'm sure I'll have plenty opportunities to wear them later in the year, though. :)
Here's the next thing I made: Cookie A.'s Kai-Mei. They're sooo comfy, made out of Lorna's Laces. The pattern was a little... non-rhythmic for my tastes, but the finished result is gorgeous.
 Also, for some reason, even though I have the same number of rows and stitches in each sock, the pattern was going to end at different places. I did double decreases on the second sock to compensate. But the end of the left sock decreases in more sharply than the right. Not sure what happened.
 Here's the last thing I'm sharing today: Kate Gagnon Osborn's Glashutte Hat. This is something of a minor tragedy. This was easily the most difficult hat I've ever knitted it, and one of the most beautiful ones at that. I had 200 stitches a row, if such a thing is possible. I've knitted sweaters with way less. In fingering weight. I checked my gauge very carefully, and got the right gauge, but my head is huge and the hat turned out... well, non-slouchy.
 It was a very difficult thing to accept, I'll admit, but I didn't want to add another repeat, for the sake of my sanity, so I thought I would just leave it as is. It's perfectly functional and still a pretty nice-looking hat.
Next time: pictures of WIPs!

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